Thursday, June 26, 2008

Women and Blogging....

This has been posted several places on the web, from Crooked Timber. There seems to be an apparent gender difference between the numbers of men and women who are blogging.

Money quotes: "The post reports on a study in which we found that male college students are more likely than their female counterparts to share creative content online even though both men and women in the sample are equally likely to create such content. However, when controlling for online skill, the gender differences in posting go away.

". . .the paper “The Participation Divide: Content Creation and Sharing in the Digital Age” this Spring in the journal Information, Communication and Society. We examine the extent to which college students share creative content online and whether we can identify any systematic differences by user background. In particular, we looked at whether students create and share the following types of material: poetry/fiction, artistic photography, music, and video (both completely own and remixed in the case of the latter two), including both private and public sharing."

My response--give me an effing break, cut it the eff out. The last sentence of the first quoted paragraph, here italicized: However, when controlling for online skill, the gender differences in posting go away.

How does one measure online skill and gender differences, that's the scientific paper(s) I want scattered all over the web. And the set of students measured is college students? The babies of the computer age who have never lived without a computer, who have never lived without a remote control or automated answering systems on their telephones would have measurable gender differences in usage? This just does not compute at all. What's that line about equally likely to create but less likely to share? Ooooh ick.

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