Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sacred Spaces, Ctd.

Out of Africa versus Out of America. That's what's resounding in genetic and linguistic professorial circles. The geneticists have been delving deep into DNA mutations, chromosomes, while the linguists have been parsing data on vowel changes, consonant drift, and overlaying into the timelines of the geneticists.

In addition, there's the Indo-European language family origin professorial squabble that's equally fun to eavesdrop on. The Indo-European language family is the biggest in the world, literally spoken by most of the people on this planet, some 3 billion native speakers. The big question is did the original language, nicely called P.I.E. (proto-Indo-European), originate on the Pontic Steppes or in eastern Anatolia. Important question because there is also genetic tracking of DNA from both farmer groups and from herder groups, that overlays the linguistics. This is deeply fascinating stuff. This is the new frontier of the sciences, data, lots and lots of data, and lots and lots of discussions about why timelines do or do not match.

The Out of America hypothesis is almost scary, with human origins from new world primates.

And then there's the fun with the pre-Clovis origins of the native Americans, or not?

Here's a summary of Out of America, from German Dziebel.

And here's a discussion of the P.I.E. origin question from the same blogger.
Molecular Phylogeny of Living Primates, from

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