Saturday, January 15, 2011

Marks In Time, an Exhibit Proposal

Artists Marian Carow, Sharon Swidler and Nancy Charak, create works of art that illuminate lines in subtle, minimal, yet complex ways. Carow, Swidler and Charak discovered that their artworks relate in ways that engender visual conversations. This exhibit proposal is that series of conversations.

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This exhibit proposal arose from an awareness that our different approaches to art making nonetheless have fascinating overlaps. After a number of meetings and discussions with each other about both the art work and of our ways of thinking, we decided that we wanted to collaborate on a group exhibit.

Marian: My drawing process is distillation and expression, putting media to paper, intuitively tapping into a continually evolving vocabulary of lines, marks, smudges, scribbles which populate the silence of the paper plane.

Sharon: My images are navigations through an environment of meditative space. Space and lines create a diary of time, delineating both timeliness and timelessness.

Nancy: What is necessary for my art is that it flows from inside and allows the work to spring from my entire set of experiences and sensibilties as an artist. I then trust that my hand and eye make art that says to the viewer, "here look at this, make of it what you will."

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