Thursday, October 16, 2014

Space Gallery Denver Representation...

Space Gallery, 400 Santa Fe Drive, Denver

Thanks to gallerist Michael Burnett and co-curator Jo Marks Aardsma, I am delighted to hang in such good company. So, come on by.

"Space Gallery would like to welcome Taiko Chandler, Nancy Charak, Greg Friedler, Howard Hersh, Lisa Purdy, Betsy Stewart, Robert Striffolino and Laura Wait to our stable of artists. Visit the gallery to view new works from this exciting lineup."

"Though Denver's art world can trace its roots back to the late nineteenth century — the Denver Art Museum, for example, was founded in 1893 — it has only reached critical mass since the dawn of the 21st. The most obvious evidence of this was the construction of the DAM's Hamilton Buildingand of MCA Denver's new home in the mid-2000s; both were momentous events that raised the city's art profile nationally and internationally."

"But the biggest news on Santa Fe involves the aforementioned Space, which has just unveiled its brand-new, custom-designed building — and it is fabulous. Galleries typically occupy repurposed retail, commercial or industrial buildings, like Michael Warren and Point do, so a structure specifically created to display and sell art is pretty rare here; William Havu Gallery and Plus Gallery are the only other architect-designed art venues in Denver."--