Tuesday, October 13, 2015


“Mostly 9H” Series, each 8"×8″ plus black satin frame, graphite, charcoal, conte crayon on gessoed clayboard.

“Black”, October 22, 2015 opening reception, close November 28th, Space Gallery, 400 Santa Fe Drive, Denver. Conceptualized by Sharon Swidler, curated by Jo Marks Aardsma.

Exhibiting with Jo Marks Aardsma, Tonia Bonnell, Michael Burnett, Nancy Koenigsberg, Diane McGregor, Corey Postiglione, Susan Schwalb, Sharon Swidler.


…I was no longer working with black…but with the material of black, the surfaces of black, created a light. And this light is a secret light. A light that is not obvious. It was coming out of the black….”– Pierre Soulages

“This show interests itself in the ‘non-objective’: art that is not representational, that contains no recognizable figures or objects, art that has no intentional derivation from any concrete matter.The work for this show was selected because each artist uses black, not as negative space, but as an opening from which to reveal what lies at the edge of vision.”—Jo Marks Aardsma

This work is a continuation of paintings and drawings from the last several years. http://www.rounderstudio.com/black/ and the current work at http://www.rounderstudio.com/mostly-9h/