Sunday, July 6, 2014

Art Friends Keep Me Warm

Sean Scully says it's very important for a young artist to have friends, because friends keep you warm. Now that I'm no longer a young artist, this is still a truth. So here's to Sharon Swidler, Mary Jo Marks Aardsma, Diane McGregor, Judith Roth, Jason Messinger, Scott Simons, Dara Felz, Basia Krol, Randi Russo, Emily Roynesdal, Jim Pinto, Joey Wozniak, the entire Artists' Breakfast Group, my art-friends who keep me warm. You should look up their work, you should, it'll keep you warm too.

Picture of the Day, Oregon Coast

Posted for no reason other than I want to.
Oregon Coast 2007, c. Nancy Charak photograph